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Construction Workers at Work

It's All Part of the Plan

We are dedicated construction professionals, obsessed with changing the course of construction productivity.
Concourse - It's All Part of the Plan
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Our Mission

We study and witness productivity failures, first hand, and see room for dramatic improvement. Scattered information costs workers fourteen hours a week and $177 billion each year in the US. Our first priority is to consolidate siloed data and streamline it through a single schedule platform.

Our Mission
Worker using Concourse on a tablet

Unlimited Data Navigated With Just Two Fingers

What if each schedule activity contained all the information needed to perform it? How can this much data reside in a usable schedule? The answer is: infinite zoom (inspired by Google Maps).

A Collaborative Plan Table That Fits All Your Drawings

Traditional drawing tools display one drawing at a time; requiring you to open and close many drawings before you find the right one.

Our collaborative drawings tools let you see all your drawings on a single plan table.

"Scrapbooks" allow you to combine multiple drawings, photos and markups into a single planning document.

Concourse scrapbooks being used on a touch-screen TV in a construction trailer
4D models being rendered in the Chrome browser

One-Finger BIM

Welcome to the most powerful web-based model viewer in construction. Large models can be viewed with average computers, through a web browser, and even on tablets and phones. Now, anyone can intuitively navigate a 4D model with a single finger.

A Look Into the Future

We have an ambitious plan to bring all project functionality and information into our highly-intuitive platform. Click below for a glimpse into what we are building.

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