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Enhanced Construction Schedule and Drawings App for Procore

Take your Procore project data to a new level of accessibility and ease of use.


Double tap an activity to zoom in and out.

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A Schedule for the Field

Projects succeed or fail based on the schedule, but nobody wants to flip through a 200-page Gantt chart.

Our infinite-zoom interface, inspired by Google Maps, makes large schedules much easier to view and navigate on any device.


Collaborative Drawings

Spend less time opening new tabs and flicking through lists of drawings and more time solving problems with all project drawings on a single plan table.

Drag and drop to create “Scrapbooks” on the fly and mark them up collaboratively, in real time.

Concourse scrapbooks being used on a touch-screen TV in a construction trailer

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Seamless Procore Integration

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Subscribe to a Concourse project and not only will you get access to our schedule viewer and collaborative drawing tools, but new tools will be added to your project for free as they are released. Follow us on LinkedIn to see what tools are coming next.