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How Concourse Integrates with Procore

Learn how to get started with Concourse and see how the app integrates with Procore.

An active Procore account is required to use Concourse.

Sign In

Concourse is built as a seamless integration to enhance your Procore experience. You can use your existing Procore email and password to sign in.

Go to and click the “Sign In With Procore” button.

Sign in to Concourse with your Procore credentials.

If you are already logged in to your Procore account then you will be taken directly to the Concourse projects page. Otherwise you will be taken to the Procore login page where you will need to enter your credentials.



After you sign in you will be presented with a list of all the active Procore projects that you have access to.


Subscriptions in Concourse are for a single project. If you want to use Concourse on more than one project then you can purchase additional subscriptions.

Only one user needs to purchase a subscription to a Concourse project. When you purchase a subscription in Concourse all users who have access to that project in Procore can open it in Concourse.

Unpurchased Projects

Projects that have not been purchased in Concourse will have a “Buy” button. Clicking this button will let you purchase a subscription to that project.

Subscriptions in Concourse are for a single project.

Purchased Projects

Projects with an active subscription look like this. Any user who can access that project in Procore can open it in Concourse.

Any user who can access a project in Procore can open it in Concourse.

Live Demo

Our live demo lets you try Concourse before you buy. There is no sign up required.

To access projects in Concourse you will need Read Only, Standard or Admin project-level user permissions to Directory and Drawings in Procore.

Read the Procore documentation for more information about Procore user permissions.



Click the menu button in the top-left to switch projects and move between the Schedule, Drawings and Scrapbooks tools.

Use the menu in the top right to move between Schedule, Drawings and Scrapbooks.



Concourse supports uploading and viewing Primavera P6 - (XML) files. This format can be exported from nearly any scheduling software.

Any user who has access to the project can view, upload or delete a schedule.

Google Maps for construction schedules. Navigate massive schedules on your phone with just two fingers.



The latest drawing revisions are automatically synced from Procore. If a drawing revision is added or removed from Procore then that change will be reflected in Concourse.

Any user who has access to the project can view drawings.

A collaborative plan table that fits all your drawings. Perfect for remote meetings.


Drawings are automatically synced, but if changes have been made recently in Procore then you can click the sync button to update Concourse.

Drawings in Concourse and automatically synced from Procore.



Scrapbooks allow you to add your synced drawings to blank scrapbook pages, and draw markups on them.

Any user who has access to the project can view, create, edit or delete a scrapbook.

Add drawings and markups to scrapbook pages. Create an instant record of work and assign it to your team.

Concourse does not sync data back to Procore, but you can download scrapbooks as PDFs.

Download scrapbooks as PDFs.



Concourse syncs your user data from Procore for real-time collaboration. This means that you can view schedules and drawings together, and edit scrapbooks at the same time as other users.

Other users can see your:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Business phone number

  • Company

  • Profile photo

Users viewing the same page as you are listed along the top.

Users viewing the same page as you are listed along in the Concourse header.

You can also see exactly where they are looking on the screen.

You can see exactly where collaborating users are looking in Concourse.

If other users are adding drawings and markups to scrapbooks you will see those changes happen instantly.


Sign Out

Signing out of Concourse also signs you out of Procore. This can be useful if you are using a shared device.


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